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Domestic Spare Parts:

These power supplies are designed to provide all the power requirements of Residential/Commercial [RO/ UV] Water Purifiers. They have been designed to operate for wider AC Input range (100 - 300VAC) and to withstand the universal power conditions. They are designed with high frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable, cost effective, compact in size and light in weight.


Input Voltages: 100 - 300VAC
Input Current: 500mA rms
Input Frequency: 47HZ - 63HZ
Output Load Regulation: 22.80V - 25.2VDC
Output Voltages: 24.0V
Output Current: 1.50A



  • High reliability
  • Compact size and less weight
  • Protected against Short Circuit, Over Voltage & Temperature - SMPS based
  • Wider AC input range from 100VAC-300VAC


Authorised Distributor

CSM Woongjin chemical