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Dosing pump

Dosing Pump (UKL Noise less)


  • Antiscalant Chemicals
  • Corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalies
  • Coagulants such as alum and ferric chloride
  • Organic flocculants of various grades
  • Any other Liquid as required in the Water Treatment Systems


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Chemical dosing pumps are designed to meet the need for accurate and precise chemical dosages for water and waste water treatment and for reverse osmosis systems. The electronic metering pumps are solenoid driven diaphragm type. The body is made up of PVC or polypropylene, suitable for most water and waste water treatment applications.

Bigger capacity dosing pumps are available on request. Noiseless pumps have been designed to provide an efficient trouble-free operation without generating any kind of noise. These pumps are compact motor driven and operate on a direct 230 V AC supply. With only 50% of moving components compared to the conventional electromagnetic pumps these pumps offer an extended life with excellent performance in the field.

These systems are available in standard flow rate of 5 LPH / 10 LPH / 20 LPH @ 5 - 10 bar Pressure.

  • Compact and good aesthetics
  • Absolutely noiseless operation
  • No Complex electronics
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Seals in Viton/Pyrex

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