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Booster Pump


Booster Pump can be used with Reverse Osmosis systems to provide increased pressure to the inlet of the system for increased production and higher quality water. The pump provides virtually noise free operation.

This pump raises the water pressure and maintains it at the ideal level for the system to operate at maximum efficiency. Recommended for use on supplies with low pressure or high concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS).

Aquaa Care – Booster Pumps:

Aquaa Care – 75 GPD Booster Pump:


Volts 24 VDC
Inlet Pressure (Max) 60 PSI
Open Flow 1.2 LPM
Output Pressure (Max) 120 PSI


Aquaa Care – 100 GPD Booster Pump:


Volts 24 VDC
Inlet Pressure (Max) 60 PSI
Open Flow 2 LPM
Output Pressure (Max) 125 PSI


Aquaa Care – 200 GPD Booster Pump:


Volts 24 VDC
Amps 1.4 A
Inlet Pressure (Max) 15-45 PSI
Flow 90 LPH
Work Pressure 120 PSI


Dertin – Booster Pumps:

Dertin – 75 GPD Booster Pump:


Volts 24 VDC
Amps 0.65 A
Inlet Pressure (Max) 15-45 PSI
Work Flow 28 LPH
Work Pressure 80 PSI
Max Pressure 135 PSI


Operation Instruction:

1. Pump should be placed as close to the RO unit as possible, located in an area that is dry with ambient temperatures between 40-90°F (5-35°C). Do not subject pump to freezing temperatures while in operation.


2. The Booster pump may be mounted in any position. If mounting vertically the pump head should be in the down position so in the event of a leak, water will not enter the motor. A vertical position also ensures air can purge from the booster pump. If necessary, the booster pump may be positioned horizontally.


3. Never operate the pump in a harsh environment or hazardous atmospheres, since motor brush and switch may cause electrical arcing.


4. If there is feed water pressure, the pump will not stop forward flow of water even if the motor is turned off. Be sure the system has positive means of shutting off the water supply.


5. Pump is designed for use with water only. Do not use with petroleum products.

6. The Booster pumps are designed for continuous duty. If used for intermittent duty cycle, make sure that “off” periods are greater than 60 seconds.


7. Always consider electrical shock hazard when working with and handling electrical equipment. If uncertain, consult an Electrician. Qualified Electrician per Local and State Electric Codes should only do electrical wiring.



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