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FRP vessels


FRP Vessels:

AC ROS water treatment vessels with FRP liner offer a solution for the applications require for corrosion resistant. The vessels broadly apply to treatment and storage of commercial and industrial water. Due to the unique features of FRP, the vessels have perfect corrosion resistant performance.


Pressure tank are made of high performance composite materials with FRP filament winding. All pressure tanks are 100% corrosion resistant.
All thread inlet made from 30% glass filled PP provides higher strength, temperature and pressure limits versus glass filled PE.
Full line of pressure tanks from 6” to 63”in diameter and from 10 “to 86”in height.


  • MOC - Inner shell materials FRP
  • Operating pressure - 150 PSI
  • Operating Temperature - 49 C

SS Vessels:

Aquaa Care is engaged in offering different types of Stainless Steel Vessel, which are extremely durable. We are using superior quality of stainless. The vessels are resistant to corrosion. These vessels are offered to the clients with or without internal linings. Our range of vessels can be used in filters, softeners and activated carbon units.


Model Opening Volume
AC-6x35 2.5 inches Top 16    Ltrs
AC-7x35 2.5 inches Top 21.5 Ltrs
AC-8x33 2.5 inches Top 27     Ltrs
AC-8x44 2.5 inches Top 37.5 Ltrs
AC-10x40 2.5 inches Top 46.5 Ltrs
AC-10x45 2.5 inches Top 55.5 Ltrs
AC-12x40 2.5 inches Top 71 Ltrs
AC-12x50 2.5 inches Top 82 Ltrs
AC-13x56 2.5 inches Top 110 Ltrs
AC-15x58 2.5 inches Top 171 Ltrs
AC-17x58 2.5 inches Top 220 Ltrs
AC-20x58 4.0 inches TOP 315 Ltrs
AC-22x58 4.0 inches TOP 375 Ltrs
AC-24x58 4.0 inches TOP 448 Ltrs
AC-28x58 4.0 inches TOP 600 Ltrs
AC-30x58 4.0 inches  T & B 672 Ltrs
AC-32x58 4.0 inches  T & B 739 Ltrs
AC-34x58 4.0 inches  T & B 814 Ltrs
AC-36x58 4.0 inches T & B 926 Ltrs
AC-36x72 4.0 inches T & B 1150 Ltrs

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