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Aquaa Care - Membranes:

Aquaa Care Reverse Osmosis Membrane element is with all new and advance techniques.


Model Flow
TFC 1812 75 GPD


Filmtec Dow - Membranes:

Filmtec Dow Membranes are high-quality reverse osmosis and nano-filtration elements for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, commercial and home drinking water applications.


Model Flow
TW 30 1812 50 GPD
TW 30 1812 75 GPD
TW 30 1812 100 GPD


FS-TFC - Membranes:

Dry membrane elements is made by the most advance technique polyamide RO membrane sheets and combined with the experience on process of rolling membrane for years. The membrane can use by treating the water from municipal supply.


Model Flow
TFC 1812 50 GPD
TFC 1812 75 GPD
TFC 1812 100 GPD
TFC 2512 200 GPD
TFC 3012 300 GPD

Authorised Distributor

CSM Woongjin chemical